Maintenance of windows and TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE to Windows

Do you need a window maintenance service? Or technical assistance for windows?

Our Mission is the total satisfaction of our customers, always responding to their requests in a timely manner and with total rigor and professionalism. To ensure the maximum effectiveness of our maintenance service, we have technical assistance teams throughout Lisbon and the Margem Sul – in case you need technical assistance for our brand windows and doors.

Our team is at your disposal to:

1) Adjust and periodically lubricate our window systems whenever requested*

2) Make the necessary repairs resulting from the activation of the guarantees provided by Janela Pura (see guarantees section).

3) Advise the client when carrying out work complementary to the installation of our window systems.

* Note: The cost of this assistance will be borne by the customer.

Please check what type of windows you have installed, as well as the anomaly they have.This information is essential to identify possible causes to solve your problem in the shortest possible time.

To guarantee the maximum effectiveness of our service, we have technical assistance teams throughout the territory of mainland Portugal.

The opening hours of this service are made during working hours, on weekdays from Monday to Friday, except on holidays and vacation periods.

Fill out the form below to request technical assistance for your window frames. In order to obtain a quick and efficient service resolution.