Janela Pura is a prestigious company  with competent technicians to give quick answers to specialized customers. We are associated with the factory of the company mmwindow, witch is based in Vendas Novas.

We have the privilege to work for the most elaborated, ambitious and demanding architectural projects, selling PVC windows and doors. Our solutions are all efficients and allow to contribute in the reduction of energetic consumption, at the same time that increase the energetic efficiency of the house/building. All solutions are friends of environment and 100% recyclable. We offer full technical support in the architectural projects that may appear, because our collaborators are always available.

We offer:

Technical counseling

It’s very important that the windows or the doors fit properly. To know the best systems, the best design and the best solutions that combine perfectly for the final and wished result. It’s also necessary to know the technical and acoustic performance of the chosen product, glass included, because it will always depend of the characteristics and/or the location of the construction, beyond the necessary fulfillment of the current legislation.

Garanteed accompaning

Since de project until the installation phase.

Technical and economic planning

We know the best solutions for the construction, knowing always is own specifications.

Support on the elaboration of the porthole maps

We elaborate the respective maps, always knowing the technical details.

We have available all the catalogs relating to our products

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